The Savoy Big Five
Chicago's Best-Kept BasketBall Secret
The Savoy Big Five grew from the 1920s MidWest basketball excellence exemplified by Chicago schoolboys William Watson & Tommy Brookins.

W/ guiding spirit Dick Hudson, the SB5 hooped for 15 years through several incarnations as the Hottentots, Chicago Crusaders, & Palmer House Indians. 

The club's lineup featured such legends as

-- Big Jack Mann (Art Imigs, NY Rens)

-- Big Dave DeJernett (first Afro-American to lead an integrated champion in a major hoops tournament)

-- Al Johnson (Rens)

-- Jackie Bethards (Rens, Phila Giants)

-- John Yancey (Giants)

-- Zack Clayton (Rens)

-- Agis Bray

-- Roosie Hudson (NBL StudeBakers)

-- Hillary Brown (StudeBakers)

-- Fats Jenkins (NY Rens)

-- BrickTop Wright (Rens)

...some of whose experience w/ Chicago's Other Thirties Team is well-documented.

At their peak the SB5 were side-stepped from competing in the 1940 Chicago World's Tourney.  Despondent, the SB5 were bought the next year by Abe Saperstein & became Abe's 2nd traveling unit.
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